What do you need to start working in a foreign country?

Even if you have found job postings or job offers abroad, the jobseeker should not apply head-on, but first, clarify the requirements for a possible stay abroad. Because a stay abroad can fail due to formal conditions or personal living conditions. It’s not just the desire to work that matters.

Recognition of training, work experience, the existence of a work permit, and personal factors such as family ties are also obstacles that need to be overcome if you want to go abroad. In addition, you need to check credit companies rates.

Formal requirements

Before applying, it is necessary to clarify whether the professional or academic qualification acquired in Germany will be recognized in the target country if you want to apply for a qualified job. In addition, it is necessary to find out how easily and quickly the applicant can obtain a residence and work permit for the target country. This applies to all countries outside the European Union.

Because without a residence and work permit you are only allowed to stay as a tourist for a limited period in most countries. A tourist visa is not a work permit. In many countries, a tourist visa is not even enough for an internship. Credit Extra Cash offers you help when you want to go abroad.

Qualifications and living conditions

Professional experience and other qualifications play an important role when applying abroad. When you work abroad, you also have to master the language of the target country to work and live there. For some professions, this is even essential, for example in the professions of nurse or educational.

After all, personal factors, educational skills, and living conditions are relevant when working abroad. For example, age, gender, religious affiliation, or marital status may be factors to consider when applying to both the employer and the applicant. However, personal factors are not important in the application process in all countries. You should keep this in mind when preparing your application.

Take care of your visa

For non-Europeans, the visa is a very important part of expatriation, without it, you can do nothing, and obtaining a visa is not easy, especially if you are over 30 years old. You must first find a job or prove that your skills are needed in the country you want to go to.

Insurance policies and insurance numbers

Have you ever wondered what kind of insurance you need when working abroad? This part of starting a career abroad is incredibly difficult, no matter what country you choose. They all have different procedures and rules that you have to follow to be perfectly protected in the end.

Choose the right company

Once you have decided to move abroad, make sure that it is not just about opportunity, but also about a job or a good employer. Try to find a company that “takes care of you” and helps you with administrative matters, possibly finding accommodation, etc.

All this will be a big challenge, especially if you do not speak the language very well. Some companies have a hard time finding international talent, so they can offer you a relocation package to make your move more attractive to you. The same is true if you are transferred to work for your German company abroad.